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Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy

Fun, Creative, & Innovative Speech Therapy for Children of All Ages

Speech, Language, & AAC

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 Pediatric Speech-Language Evaluations & Therapy Services

Evidence-Based Approaches • Family-Centered • Experienced Specialist

Our Services
Speech and Language Evaluation
AAC Therapy

We are deeply invested in learning about our clients! Our individualized evaluation process allows us to develop an understanding of your child's developmental history, skill levels and strengths, and communication concerns. We gather background information from intake forms, observation reports, and academic records (e.g., report cards, IEPs, progress notes), and then complete a targeted speech-language assessment at the clinic. Following the evaluation, we review the results and our recommendations and collaborate with your family to develop a therapy plan.

In order to meet your family’s specific needs, we offer speech-language services at our clinic, in your child’s natural environment*, and via teletherapy. Our approach to therapy is always family-centered, hands-on, and functional…meaning that we help our clients acquire the skills they need to participate and experience success in daily life. We aim to spark meaningful changes in communication, improve quality of life, and make learning fun!  

* Home-based services are limited to Harrisburg, Steelton, Middletown, Hershey, Hummelstown, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Lemoyne, and Enola. Travel fees apply.


When children struggle to coordinate, shape, or execute speech sounds, they can have a hard time getting their message across. In speech therapy, we help them produce sounds and words that are relevant to their interests and everyday life! Speech therapy focuses on helping a child:

  • Produce common words and names that are important to your child

  • Use correct speech sounds so that others can understand your child

  • Develop coordination and motor plans for speech production

  • Develop the muscle strength needed for adequate speech production

  • Learn strategies for smooth speech and navigating moments of disfluency


Challenges related to the comprehension and use of verbal and non-verbal language can impact a child's ability to participate in social interactions and at school and engage throughout daily life. We provide individualized support to help our clients:

  • Lay a foundation for skills that lead to verbal communication 

  • Use language for a variety of purposes, like greeting, asking and answering questions, engaging in social interactions

  • Follow directions

  • Gain knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure

  • Understand and use nonverbal communication skills such as eye contact, appropriate physical space, facial expressions, and tone of voice

  • Play and develop relationships with others


We believe that every child has the right to communicate, so we offer both low and high-tech alternative and augmentative communication systems (AAC) to improve access to language. When a child will benefit from verbal communication assistance, we begin by trialing different devices, systems or apps, to select the most appropriate form of AAC. We also help the family secure funding for AAC devices. AAC therapy helps our clients:

  • Achieve language milestones in alternative ways 

  • Express their needs, wants, dislikes, thoughts, ideas, and questions

  • Engage in conversation and social interactions

  • Increase participation at school

  • Experience a greater quality of life and connection

Speech Therapy in Harrisburg, PA
Meet Kynisha

“A child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him.”
~ Pablo Casals

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Meet Kynisha

Kynisha Cloud, M.S., CCC-SLP
Kynisha Cloud, M.S., CCC-SLP
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Kynisha is a state licensed and nationally certified speech-language pathologist (SLP) practicing in central Pennsylvania. She has over 14 years of clinical experience working in early intervention, preschools, public schools, and private practice, as well as in a specialized autism program. Kynisha earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology from South Carolina State University and her Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Nova Southeastern University. 

Kynisha founded Decode It, LLC out of the desire to provide more individualized treatment to her clients. Her therapeutic process emphasizes family-centered goals that are collaboratively written by parents and therapists, always focusing on skills that are meaningful for the child. Her creativity, outgoing, and compassionate personality creates a space where her clients feel understood and celebrated. 

In her free time, Kynisha loves watching documentaries, reading, shopping, gardening, traveling with her husband and children, and trying new restaurants!

Advanced Trainings & Certifcations

  • Certified in PROMPT (PROMPTs for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets) Level 1

  • Advanced education in autism

  • Twice awarded the ACE (Award for Continuing Education) from ASHA for her dedication to lifelong learning


Getting Started with Decode It, LLC

Call us for a free consultation. We will chat about your concerns, service needs, and expected outcomes. If you feel that we’re a good fit for your family, we will schedule an evaluation.

Log into our client portal to fill out our intake forms, and attend an evaluation session at the clinic. We will schedule a follow-up consultation to discuss assessment results and our recommendations and develop a treatment plan.

Attend therapy in our clinic or in your home to reach your communication goals! Parents are always invited to attend sessions to learn and practice therapeutic techniques. 


Services are provided in our family-friendly Harrisburg, PA clinic. 

Billing & Insurance

We are accepting new clients for private speech and language therapy and evaluations. At this time we are in-network with the following insurance companies. 

Highmark & Subsidiaries •  Tricare  

We continue to add new insurance companies to the list, so be sure to inquire if you do not see yours! We also offer clients superbills to submit to their insurance for out-of-network reimbursement.

Decode It, LLC is committed to serving our community and providing accessible speech therapy services. We believe every person deserves high-quality and individualized therapy. Contact us today to learn more about our services and billing support.

No Surprise Act 

Per the No Surprise Act, if you are uninsured or self-pay for services, you have the right to receive a Good Faith Estimate for the total expected cost of care. For details on the No Surprise Act and Good Faith Estimate click here .

Getting Started
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Decode It Speech-Language Therapy

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